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What is the Backlight Unit?

LCD is a display which shows images by emitting brightness or shades created from changing the disposition of liquid crystal molecule at the time of supply of power through injection of liquid crystal having a nature in between the solid and liquid into 2 thin glass plate.

Unlike PDPs, FEDs and organic ELs, etc., it can't be used without light in the back, because it is non-luminous type (light receiving element). Thus, it is necessary to have Back Light Unit in a superficial light source type which can maintain the overall screen in uniform brightness.

Core constituent elements of Back Light Unit are CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) which is used as a light source determining brightness and color levels, lamp reflector which effectively collects the light stemming from the CCFL and projects it in one direction, and LGP (Light Guide Plate) where halftone dots pattern is specially designed at PMMA resin transparent acrylic back face so that linear fluorescent light received from the lamp reflector can create a superficial light source on overall image display face.

The superficial light source created by the aforesaid 3 elements (CCFL, Reflector, and LGP) enables effective condensation and dispersion by properly blending and laying optical sheets at the upper and lower parts of LGP, through which people can see the image shown on the LCD-this is called as Backlight Unit.

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